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Current Issue: Fall/Winter 2011


Tory Adkisson
– Thought, Barefoot
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April Christiansen
– Instead
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Brandon Courtney
– Barrow

Brandon Courtney
– Inheritance

Adam Day
– Winter Inventory

Adam Day
– The Leaving

Brett Harrington
– Unable to Sleep
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Brett Harrington
– Thaw
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Stephanie Kartalopoulos
– I Think of You as I Walk to Jazzbar Vogler
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Sophie Klahr
– Against Desire
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Sandy Longhorn
– Fairy Tale for Girls who Gather Maps
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Simone Muench
– Wolf Cento [November stands at the door]
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Simone Muench
– Wolf Cento [A year ago we all flushed a little brighter—]
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Katharine Rauk
– Casida of the Weeping
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Brian Russell
– Crisis and Confidence
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William Kelley Woolfitt
Summer in Giverny


Nick Ripatrazone

Writers on Writers:

Kamila Forson

Christopher Lirette
Lyric Inspiration and Extreme Possibility

Alex Quinlan
Between the Changes

Addie Tsai
Notes from the Second Person: On Twinning, Marguerite Duras, and Aesthetic Desire


CL Bledsoe on…
The Black Ocean, Brian Barker

Leigh Rastivo on…
The Lifting Dress, Lauren Berry

Metta Sáma on…
Miracle Arrhythmia, Rachel Eliza Griffiths

April Christiansen

It is enough; Joseph my son is yet alive.
                                                              —Genesis 45:28

You went to the Mission
San Xavier del Bac. White adobe
against a wisteria sky, and a storm
moving in.

You left a candle, burning
your intention to God.

It is enough.

Crosses extend across hard-packed dirt.
The sky empties. Your mother,
bent over tarbush, prays.

It is enough.

You called and told me
to live passionately.

Organ pipes curve towards
disbanding cirrus.
I do not know where
you are buried.

It is enough.


April Christiansen is currently completing her MFA at the University of Arkansas. Her poems have appeared in Two Review and Mare Nostrum. She lives in Fayetteville, AR.